martes, 25 de abril de 2023



Hello friends, how are you? I am watching one of my favorite movies. I love comedy and romance movies. It's a perfect combination. But I love disney movies, I don't know, but those movies are very eye catching. 

But I tell you something funny, every time I make pajamas with my best friends we don't know which movie to watch. And we spend the whole hour looking for good movies which stresses me out because we don't know what to do.

So, as with my friends we are planning to have a sleepover with a grill. Thank goodness I bought my fulbito to have some fun at least for a while. As I was saying, my friends and I are going to have a sleepover but now we are planning what to do so we don't get bored.

I will share with you some things you can do with your friends that I hope will help you not to get bored.

- Make a barbecue. I know you will have fun making a meal, it doesn't matter if it's a grill, you can even cook rice and eggs, I had fun when my friends cooked rice and eggs. Seriously, it was too funny.

- Rent an apartment with a jacuzzi for the weekend. That's too cool and fun. I know you will love the experience.

- Play video games. That will at least distract you for a while.

- Bury a time capsule. Uff if you have a garden do this. I know they will love reading a letter from the past.

- Do a photo shoot. There are lots of ideas on pinterest.

- Make a video as a youtube challenge but if you want to upload it privately. 

- Make a music video together. I would actually record one of one direction.

- Make a mini movie. Make popcorn and drink soda. 

- Have a marathon of your favorite shows or old disney channel shows.

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