domingo, 30 de abril de 2023

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Hi folks, what's going on? I'm laying in my cma with my sweet kitty . He is my lifelong faithful friend. Seriously, if you don't have a cat, I recommend you to adopt one. His companionship is very sincere and the cats' personalities are hilarious. Even my kitty gives me massages. Isn't he great? 

When I didn't have a cat I don't know why there were times when I felt too sad. Nothing could comfort me. Instead, with the arrival of my cat, I feel much better, he gives me love and tranquility. Well, sometimes he gets into mischief, but nothing serious. 

That's why today's post is about things to let go of right now. We must move forward and for that we must make small changes little by little.

- Don't worry about what has happened in the past. This happens to me too much, we must try to overcome, never forget because you can't, but overcome it.

- The fear of the unknown.

- The need to control everything.

- The idea of a "perfect life".

- Unhealthy relationships. Eliminate friendships that do not contribute anything in your life. Cut them off at the root. 

- Clothes you haven't worn in years. My mom is the one who advises me this a lot.

- Don't compare yourself to someone else.

- Anything that doesn't make you happy.

sábado, 29 de abril de 2023

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Good afternoon friends, how are you? I just came from eating in the street. I don't know if where you live there is "chicharron" food. Aqi where I live is the most delicious dish, well one of the most delicious dishes. I really recommend you to try this dish. On youtube there are many tutorials of this dish that is delicious.

But well, that is not today's topic. I always tell you a little bit about my life because I feel that this is like a diary that someday I will come back to read and I would like to know what I did that day. Now that I am going to start college I am creating a productive routine and this time I will do much better. So, I will share with you some tips that I will apply myself.

1. Wake up when it is convenient for you

By this I mean don't necessarily wake up at 5 am. No guys, if you are more productive in the early morning or at night. Then wake up at the time that you think is best for you. It's just important to get your 8 hours of sleep.

2. Start with something you enjoy

I recommend that you consider starting the day doing something you enjoy. This will help you start the morning with a positive vibe. For example, you can listen to your favorite song or draw some sketches while you eat your breakfast. It's something that will take you 20 minutes.

3. Write a "to do" list

I love this kind of list. I'll also upload some nice templates for you to print out. Although it depends because when I used to make my lists, wow the list looked huge and I felt like I was never going to finish. But still that kind of list helps as you are completing it. I felt so much satisfaction crossing a task off that list. 

4. Write down on a sheet of paper what your ideal morning would be like

Plan what your ideal routine would look like and just do it.  But obviously, make sure it is realistic and achievable for you. For example, don't say you're going to the gym every morning but you don't have a gym nearby. Remember that you have to create habits.

5. Set smaller goals

Finally, I recommend that you start with small goals that you can easily achieve.

viernes, 28 de abril de 2023

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How was your day today friends? I'm going to the movies to see Mario Bros. Yes, just as you read it, yes I know, I'm an independent adult with insane tastes. If you speak Spanish, you will understand that phrase. It's really funny. Let's see what the movie is like. I really loved playing the game, believe it or not I never got through all the levels of Mario Bros. 

You know what? when I was a little girl I created my first company. When I was 13 years old, wow I was so little. I sold little cold porcelain dolls. I loved making dolls and I thought I was going to be a millionaire. Haha I can't believe how incredulous I was at the time.

But well, obviously now making cold porcelain sculptures is like a hobby. Although I haven't done it for years I really miss it. Only now I have found some great ideas and I really want to share them with you because you will love them.

Here you can find more than 30 clay earrings ideas. Seriously these ideas are great and if you want to see tutorials, there are thousands of tutorials on youtube. I know there are thousands and thousands of tutorials. So don't worry.

I really think these ideas are great because only risky people would use these. The thing is that these earrings are brightly colored, something that I usually wouldn't wear. I wear neutrals, but I still love these earrings.

jueves, 27 de abril de 2023

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Hello friends, how are you? here I am already tired with sleeping gaans but super active at the same time because ideas keep coming to my head. If you only knew how many notebooks I have with great ideas that you will love. I feel that this blog is like a book. Someday I'd like to print it out and see everything I've done. Would you buy it?

Today's topic is snapchat photo ideas. I know there are still people who use it. Here's a fun fact. I think snapchat is only used in the USA. Because I am making plans with an Italian guy and I told him to talk to me on snapchat and you know what he told me, he doesn't have it! That it's a thing of the past. And I don't dear, if you want to talk to me you download snapchat.

So, now that I'm excited about this guy, I'm going to tell you that I've been looking for some ideas of what to upload to snapchat. As well as selfies, phrases because obviously I want this guy to like me a lot. The truth is that I fell in love. Now I show you these 10 ideas to look interesting.