domingo, 30 de abril de 2023



Hi folks, what's going on? I'm laying in my cma with my sweet kitty . He is my lifelong faithful friend. Seriously, if you don't have a cat, I recommend you to adopt one. His companionship is very sincere and the cats' personalities are hilarious. Even my kitty gives me massages. Isn't he great? 

When I didn't have a cat I don't know why there were times when I felt too sad. Nothing could comfort me. Instead, with the arrival of my cat, I feel much better, he gives me love and tranquility. Well, sometimes he gets into mischief, but nothing serious. 

That's why today's post is about things to let go of right now. We must move forward and for that we must make small changes little by little.

- Don't worry about what has happened in the past. This happens to me too much, we must try to overcome, never forget because you can't, but overcome it.

- The fear of the unknown.

- The need to control everything.

- The idea of a "perfect life".

- Unhealthy relationships. Eliminate friendships that do not contribute anything in your life. Cut them off at the root. 

- Clothes you haven't worn in years. My mom is the one who advises me this a lot.

- Don't compare yourself to someone else.

- Anything that doesn't make you happy.

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