Hi guys! We are very happy to create this blog that will be useful for many people. If you want to know why he said "we are" that's because we are the whole family that created this blog. My name is Valeria, I will mainly write the articles. This blog is also conformed by my parents. That's why the blog is called "julsweek" which is like a combination of my parents' names.

The great thing about this blog is that we are three members, that's why this blog is considered for all ages. My mom and I like to design outfits. My mom is an expert in personal styling. I am sure we will give you the best tips to achieve an amazing look. On the other hand, my dad is more passionate about traveling, so you will also get some great travel tips. 

Julsweek is a blog for people who are looking for fashion tips, travel tips, ideas, hobbies and much more. If you came here by chance, we are sure you will love this blog as much as we do.

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