martes, 18 de abril de 2023



Good afternoon dear readers, don't you run out of ideas when it comes to dressing? That always happens to me, even though I always dress with classic outfits, I don't know what to wear. So, today I will give you 10 outfits ideas.

But I will also give you some tips on mistakes you should avoid when designing your outfits. I hope you like these tips and I hope you find them very useful.

- Wear brand name clothes by force: Don't spend money on brand name clothes just because they are in trend at the moment. I know that sometimes it makes us jealous to see other people with the latest in fashion, but anyway, do not give importance. There are vintage clothes that adapt perfectly to your style and current trends, but always discard what does not suit you.

- Copying someone else's look: You don't know how many people I've seen with the same look that really stresses me out. Instead of being original or at least adapting the trends to their style, they copy it as is. Therefore, I recommend you to choose to adapt different styles that you like to your way of being and your personality. That's the key.

- Do not wear accessories: Remember that complements and accessories are our allies when it comes to dressing. They define our style and elevate our outfit.

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