domingo, 16 de junio de 2024



Hello dear readers, how are you? I'm watching a series from the last century, those series are something else, they are much better and if you wonder who taught me to watch those series, it was obviously my mom. I know you know this series called "Little house on the Prairie", this series is beautiful, it makes me remember all my childhood because my mom always watched it.

I am very observant so I was watching the hairstyles of that time and I loved it. During one of those episodes, I saw an older lady wearing an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle that really inspired me. From that episode, I became interested in exploring appropriate and beautiful hairstyles for women over 70 years old. Because I want you to look fantastic and amazing.

Your haircut can say more about you at 70 than your wrinkles. And I believe that strategic styling can do a lot for your image at any age. Some things you should take into account is the length, any length can have an anti-aging effect if it suits the face and style of each person. For example, from the pixie style to the long scaled mane, to the half bob and the trendy bob, this will help to generate an obvious rejuvenating effect. In addition to choosing cuts with volume and movement.

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