viernes, 24 de mayo de 2024



Hello friends, how are you? I woke up and went straight to watch videos to get up, it's that seriously now I feel a fierce cold that does not want to get out of bed. Well, well, I will not go off topic, but I have seen a trend that I have been amazed.

This post is about the "braided bald head" and it was made known by Tookiedidit who is a stylist who loves her job and does it great. But well what is this trend about, it's a way to wear baldness and little hair. It's a braid style that looks like art on your head. Plus, the braid is well done that you can barely tell where it starts and where it ends.

This hairstyle is not only a way of creative expression but also a way of coping with baldness and having a nice hairstyle. So don't hesitate to go to his Tookiedidit studio if you want an amazing look.

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