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Good afternoon friends, how are you? I am happy and excited because I bring you many ideas that you are really going to love. In fact, I'm thinking of uploading a post a day so you can have lots of hairstyle ideas. You know this blog is about hairstyles and some other tips. 

So today we are going to talk about the haircut and color that is very much in trend right now. I'm not just saying it because I see it on the internet I say it's in trend, but because the other time I went to get my nails done at the manicurist and she was very busy painting 3 girls hair red. Wow, seriously those girls looked beautiful. That's why I want to give you some red hairstyle ideas. This spring is the perfect time to wear that shade of red. I hope you will be inspired by these ideas.

Obviously I will give you some tips so you can keep the red color in your hair and look radiant. The best thing is that the color red gives your hair vitality and personality. So if you want a radical change, red is for you. 

Also if you don't want your hair totally red, you can opt to wear red hair in a balayage style as it creates a soft and elegant transitional look. As we know balayage involves the gradual application of color from roots to ends, it blends with red very harmoniously. It also looks too beautiful.

So save the tips to take care of that red hair:

- First you should always use care products for colored hair, this to keep your hair healthy and radiant. Always use shampoo and conditioner.

- Avoid washing with hot water because together with the brightness of the sun this will cause the red color to fade little by little and the color will fade. So, only wash with lukewarm water.

- Always touch up your roots, because we all know that sometimes hair grows very fast.

- Don't wash your hair every day because this will damage it too much and the dye will fade faster. A great tip would be to use dry shampoo as this will help control oil production and help you to wash your hair every other day.

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