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Hi girls, how are you? I'm watching a movie on netflix while I'm writing this. I always like to have something in the background, although I also love silence. Sometimes I listen to music, but music is more distracting, and since they are songs, they don't last long, that's why I prefer to watch a movie when I'm writing for this blog.

Today I bring you a very interesting topic and it has to do with weddings. So, let's talk about one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding: the hairstyles! I love going to weddings because I like to see the dresses and hairstyles that the guests wear, since it is an elegant and more formal event. But the most important thing is the bride, she always stands out. Therefore, for the bride it is essential to take into account the style of the dress and the general theme of the wedding when deciding on the hairstyle.

Therefore, I will give you some tips for you the bride to choose the best hairstyle and look amazing. If you are looking for a romantic style, loose waves or an updo adorned with flowers can be a dream option. Another option if you want a more classic and elegant look, a smooth bun or a sophisticated bun can be the best option. But I don't recommend the latter.

Lastly, keep in mind the weather and the wedding venue when choosing your hairstyle, as you will want it to last through the day and night. Now I will leave you with many beautiful hairstyle ideas.

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