lunes, 1 de mayo de 2023


Good afternoon friends, how was your morning? Well, I'm nervous because I'm getting closer and closer to the beginning of school and that makes me very, very nervous. I feel like throwing up, oh I don't know, but I feel anxious. It's just that it's the last thing I have to finish. I know that God will illuminate my path so that I don't give up. 

But it's also approaching a new month, and I don't know about you but I've been looking for ideas for my bullet journal since a week before. These ideas are very nice and I hope you like them because I feel that you will relax when you make these beautiful ideas. Now, get out your pens and pencils and let's get creative.

Here you can find 10 amazing ideas to give you inspiration for your bullet journal. These ideas are great and cool. You will find from habit trackers to cover ideas. I will bring you more ideas very soon.

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